An Advent Prayer

This prayer was taken from The Four Mondays of Advent.

King Jesus,
     I await the day when you will return in glory
         to bring justice for the oppressed
             and vindication for the righteous.
     When the burdens and sorrows of the world make my soul downcast
         within me,
              give me hope;
              help me to wait well.
     And, if you see fit, let my life point others to you.
         Show me my faults and my errors.
         Give me a spirit of contrition over my sins.
         Lead me to repent of my wrongdoing.
         And help me yield to the transforming work that you want to
              do in my life.      
 By your Spirit, help me to love you and love neighbor.
     Let me be an agent of mercy, peace, and hope in this world
          in your name 
          and for your glory. Amen.