4 Articles to Get to Know Me

Sometimes it’s hard to get to know someone you’ve met only briefly or follow on social media. How do you piece together brief snippets to understand the whole? Outside of a longstanding relationship, it’s probably impossible. But maybe you can get to know a person little by little through their writing. So here are four articles to help you get to know me.

“Searching for Home”

In this piece written for Fathom magazine, you’ll learn a little bit about where I’m from, where I’ve been, and how my faith helps me make sense of the concept of home. Read it here.

“Oriented by Hope”

Advent is one of my favorite times of the year. Many churches celebrate it during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Hope is also one of my favorite themes in the Christian Scriptures. I wrote this article for the De Pree Center’s 2023 Advent journal: Keeping Watch. Read the article here.

“When Work Disappoints”

I’ve written about some of my work heartbreak before, but this was the first article in which I was able to start talking about what we do after work hurts. How do we handle the grief? Read more in this article I wrote for the De Pree Center.

“Reflect, Don’t Ruminate”

I’ve heard it said that we write what we need to hear. That’s true for this article. I need to come back to it again and again, because when things go wrong or I get frustrated, rumination is my default. Learn why reflection is better and get some practical journaling prompts to help here.

I’ve also written a handful of pieces for other publications like EFCA Today, Today’s Christian Women, and Common Good. You might also enjoy skimming some of the other pieces on my (rather neglected) blog. Happy reading. Let me know if you find something in these words that resonates with you!